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Discovering History and Nature: A Riverwalk along the Hardman Farm Heritage Trail | Easy (all ages)

Updated: May 22

Walk along the Chattahoochee River while learning about flora, flauna and the history of the area. This easy 1.5 mile (in and out) trail is fully paved and ADA accessible. It connects Alpine Helen to the Hardman Farm State Historical Site.

We began the trail in Helen where there is a free parking lot, picnic area and large field. To begin the trail head towards the road you came in on and cross the paved walking bridge.

The walkway is wide and paved for the entire trail. Great for all ages, handicapped persons and strollers. Note there are some gentle inclines.

Immediately upon beginning the trail we suggest taking a small detour by turning left directly after crossing the bridge. Follow the unmarked and unpaved short trail, to find some awesome remnants of a historic train and it's carts.

After checking out the ruins head back to the main walkway. Here, and all along the walk, you will come across informative signs that explain the history of the area. The first sign gives you some information on the train ruins.

Continue along the walk to enjoy abundant views of the Chattahoochee River. The entire walk is also brimming with native plants, species identified by informative tags.

Towards the end of the walk you can view the Nora Mill Granary and dam on the other side of the river. This gristmill was established in 1876 and is still in operation today. The mill uses the original 1,500 pound stones that are powered by the Chattahoochee River. On your drive out of Helen make sure to stop by Nora Mill to purchase stoneground grits, cornmeal, flour, pankcake, bisuit or bread mixes. All homemade at the mill.

The walk ends at the Hardman Farm State Historical Site. Here if you wish you can tour the 1870's Italianate mansion , Indian burial mound and visitors center. (Dogs allowed on leash on the property, but not inside the buildings).


Find the parking lot we used at the beginning of this trail here:


-Nacoochee Village Tavern

-Cowboy and Angels


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22 Μαΐ

Love this Blog! Thank you Lee!

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21 Μαΐ

Jay and I met you and Bleu Sunday April 28th at “closing time”…love Bleu’s blog! We plan to be back soon for more Oysters Bienville and look forward to taking our dogs on this trail!

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Hi Amy, It was great meeting you guys! We look forward to seeing you again soon. -Lee and Bleu

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